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The Electronic Vehicles (EVs) industry has exploded in the last few years, with companies like Tesla, Nikola, NIO, Toyota, Honda, and GM all leading the charge to bring us a greener future free of fossil fuels as quickly as possible.


All the buzz around this industry makes it hard to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening, though – and that’s why Green EV Movement was created!


Your one stop shop for all the news, gossip, leaks, and reveals regarding EVs, you’ll never have to worry about something gamechanging sliding under your radar ever again. Instead you’ll be privy to the kind of inside info not available anywhere else (unless you’re looking to get boots on the ground like our insiders, anyway!).


We’re not just talking about news regarding the “big players”, either. It’s not hard to find info about Tesla, for example – but what about all the info happening behind the scenes that influence the decisions companies like this make, the patents filed now to drive vehicles of the future, and the backroom whispers about “the next big thing” only you will hear about weeks – if not months – in advance.


Think of the Green EV Movement platform as your behind the curtain peek of this red hot, world changing industry. If you’re a fan of these vehicles or the tech that makes them work, you’ll want to bookmark the homepage ASAP.


For those interested in advertising opportunities, we’re always looking to partner with smart, savvy, and serious minding businesses that are looking to drive the EV world forward.


If you would like to speak to us about these kinds of potential partnerships and promoting on the Green EV Movement platform please don’t hesitate to reach out at your convenience. We are all in this together to make a greener future a reality as soon as possible. Email us or call when you have a chance and we will find a way to put something together going forward.


For all other questions, comments, tips, or article leads, please contact us here as well. We’ll get back to as soon as possible!